• F300 Field Pro Color Single Reed

The F300 Field Pro Color Single Reed is a field call. Field calls are tuned at a higher pitch for long distances but steps down easily to reproduce the raspiness of a mallard hen.

All of the following sounds can be produced by bringing air from the diaphragm with a gruntle sound and saying quack. Instructions:

  • Quack - force air from diaphragm saying quack
  • Feed Call - series of quacks
  • Long Call - 8 to 12 notes - used for long distances
  • Contented Hen - 6 to 8 notes - followed by quacks
  • Comeback - 5 to 6 notes - pleading long first note
  • Excited Call - 5 to 8 notes - fast 2 note sound

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F300 Field Pro Color Single Reed

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