• T200 Brown Single Reed Woodie

The T200 Brown Single Reed Woodie is a Timber Call: These calls have been tuned to give you the raspy sound of an old mallard hen. You can blow these calls all day long without fatigue.

All of the following sounds can be produced by bringing air from the diaphragm with a gruntle sound and saying quack. Instructions:

  • Quack - force air from diaphragm saying quack
  • Feed Call - series of quacks
  • Long Call - 8 to 12 notes - used for long distances
  • Contented Hen - 6 to 8 notes - followed by quacks
  • Comeback - 5 to 6 notes - pleading long first note
  • Excited Call - 5 to 8 notes - fast 2 note sound


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T200 Brown Single Reed Woodie

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