• Headhunter Buck Grunt

The Headhunter grunt call closely imitates the sounds of whitetails during the rut.

Both bucks and does make similar sounds after being separated from each other. The separated call is very short while the rutting grunt is little longer and more drawn out.

The Headhunter has been proven most effective for calling bucks that are in sight but out of range.

Call sparingly since they are trying to smell even more now and are looking for any movement. When your game is not visible, give 3 or 4 short grunts in minute span then wait 5 to 10 minutes to give them time to approach.

To operate, place the wood end into your mouth, holding the windpipe tube at the end with your thumb and index fingers. Squeeze the tube closed while blowing air into the call. Blow air softly to get the notes in a rhythm.

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Headhunter Buck Grunt

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